I Cant Believe I Actually DID It...!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

I am sitting at home, ignoring the fact that I need to leave in 7 minutes to get across post to my office. My hands are almost numb with excitement and I am shaking just a tiny bit...I-D-I-D I-T. I created a blog for myself. Perhaps I need to fill you in on what's going on here so you might understand why this is such a big deal to me.

I am a Soldier. Have been for over 15 years now-as active duty anyway. I spent a year in the reserves, however, I joined at 17 and graduated basic training after my junior year in high school. Not to discredit my year in the reserves, however, I find it hard to take it seriously as I was a senior in high school and well...in high school.

I've done so many things in my 15 plus years of service! I've deployed 5 times...3 in support of OEF/OIF...I've been stationed all over the US and in Germany. Unbelievable. Most importantly, I started a family. Unfortunately, I do have a failed marriage under my belt...but truly believe that I came out on top with 2 beautiful sons who are now 13 and 11 years old. I also found the love of my life...we've been married 9 crazy and amazing years. And then there were 3...my daughter is now 7 years old. :) I often joke that I had to switch husband's to get a little girl...sometimes they get it, sometimes they don't!  Last year, we ended up here at Fort Campbell, KY, home of the Screaming Eagles, 101st Airborne Division. It took a lot of adjustment after being overseas for three years but we are pretty well settled in now.  In any case, being here led me to discover a new love....

I refinish furniture. I give it a makeover, a new life! I've transformed many of my own furniture (much to my husband's initial dismay!), and that's actually how I got started. After the first project I finished, I was hooked! I loved the sense of accomplishment and the resulting tangible THING in front of me that was DONE! In my line of work there are many days I go home and wonder...did I actually get anything done today? So my projects help me maintain my sanity and are a wonderful outlet. Once they are complete, I find a whole new love for them (Hence, the title "ReDone to be ReLoved).

I truly hope I can bring what I have learned to anyone who wants to know, either for their own use or just out of curiosity as to what I'm driving myself crazy this week! I've learned tons from so many bloggists and now, I would love to be a source of inspiration and knowledge for someone else. Why be selfish with all of the awesomeness this has brought into my life? Pish posh...;)

So, I'm not sure if I did this first post "right", but it is what it is! I opened myself up and oh yeah, I finally did something I have wanted to do for the LONGEST time now but was always secretly a little afraid of...yep, even after three war zones. Blogging scares the crud out of me, but I refuse to be too scared to follow my dream. So here I am world! Wish me luck! Love, Claudia


  1. OMGoodness Claudia!!! I love your first post :D I really enjoyed reading all about your sacrifice to our country....My husband is a vet - Air Force! many years ago. I know you will do wonderfully at blogging and anything else you put your mind to. I just started my blog and I am a seasoned RN...I've seen and done just about everything LOL and I am very timid when it comes to blogging too. Good Luck!!

    1. Thank you so much, Angie! I am SO sorry it took me so long to reply to you! I don't think I realized you had posted on here! Thank you and your husband for your sacrifices, as I know they were many! And you are an RN?! A true hero, no doubt. :) Thanks again, for your support...hugs!