Well, I am a Texas born and bred mother of three awesome kiddos who are old enough to fend for themselves but still keep me busy as heck! I am also married to an amazing man I call "the hubs" on this blog, we are both Soldiers in the U.S. Army and love serving our country. Almost 2 years ago I refinished a dresser for our daughter and I was hooked. I followed that with a coffee table that sold within a couple of hours and I discovered that people actually really liked what I could do. There was no turning back after that. I have been obsessed with taking boring, tired and old furniture and refinish them to give them a new look and a new life. Hence came my name "ReDone to be ReLoved". I love what I do and it brings me so much peace and can be outright therapy for me sometimes. So I hope you stick around or come around to check out what I put together for these pieces as they get ready for some new love!


  1. Nice to meet you and thank you for linking your page on Snazzy Little Things. :) And thanks to you AND your husband for your service!

  2. I have been looking to see how old my dresser is. I saw one on your site. Black with keyholes on the drawers. Said something like Claudia. Can you tell me about this dresser