Country Chic Coffee Table-My first sell!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Hi everyone! I realize I have been out of the loop, but I have been thinking of you so that should count for something right? ;) I am just now starting to overcome the blues from my husband deploying and think I will be able to start painting again. Which will be really good, because I seriously need that ReDoin' therapy you know?!

Any-hoo, I wanted to pull up a project I completed last year and turned out to be my first official sale after I launched "ReDone to be ReLoved"! A lovely lady named Linda pretty much messaged me non-stop until I was finally able to contact her and arrange the, which really didn't take too long but I think she was determined to snatch it up! Not that I blame her, don't y'all just HATE when you see a piece you REALLY love and someone beats you to it? So lovely Linda bought it after essentially making me swear I wouldn't "No-Show" on her...seriously, her words were something like "If I drive 40 minutes to pick this up and you don't meet me, I will hate you forever...". I started to laugh, but realized she might be serious! I assured her that I wasn't one of "those" people and she got her table. She is now one of my biggest supporters and says that my table looks absolutely lovely in her sunroom.
Country Chic Coffee Table in Original Stain and ASCP Old White
Well, here it is! I call it my Country Chic Coffee Table. To be honest, there was absolutely nothing wrong with it. It was really quite nice to begin with...but as soon as I saw it online I had a vision. It spoke to me, I swear whispered "I can be better...".

Yeah, I'm a nut.

So I bought it and painted the body in ASCP Old White and left the top, drawers and adorable feet as they were. I was smitten. I hated to sell it, but in the end it didn't go with any of my furniture and at the time my hubs hadn't bought into the whole "painted furniture thing" (his words...and in a not so nice tone, I tell you!). Lucky for me, he's totally sold on it now and forgives me for my incessant painting of everything we own. Hope you all enjoy, it is still one of my fave's to this day! Love to all, Claudia

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  2. Thanks for linking in to Design Decor Tuesday. Looking forward to seeing what you post next week!