"Cherie" the ReLoved Curio Cabinet

Sunday, January 5, 2014

This plain jane curio cabinet was a Craig's List find and it sat in my (very messy) garage for the longest.
Well, this weekend was THE weekend for this sweet little cabinet!

Just a word of advice, when it comes to CL finds make sure to ask if you are buying from a smoking household! I came across the worst bleed through, even after a TSP wipe down and bleach wipes!  Nicotine poisoning! Yuck!!!

So I started to use primer...no luck, it bled right through. My next step? Enter the amazing Shabby Paints products known as Vax and ReVax! They will seal any krud in, and they are an awesome alternative to waxing. Well, they also did the job of blocking any further nasty bleed through beautifully. I would have just used clear Vax, but I was running low so I used my Hazelnut ReVax...love!

After many hours, a cute Martha Stewart stencil, some of my ever present Yellow Frog Tape and some white tinted clear wax, here is the beautiful result!!! 

I absolutely love it and hope you enjoy it too.

I am doing my best to clear my projects out of our garage and use up the remains of any semi-used cans of paint I own, so I have been a busy girl! I've finished and sold three pieces in the last two weeks, and I have two more to go, so I should hopefully have some more posts for you really soon....wish me luck! Love to all, Claudia


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