Adding Gold Leaf to French Pulls

Saturday, April 11, 2015

I spent yesterday working on a small project for my latest dresser makeover. I've wanted to use metal leaf paper for ages now but have been inexplicably intimidated by the idea of it! I know right?! War zones...been there, done that! Metal leaf and mod podge? They terrify me!
Well, I decided to tackle at least one of those fears and am so happy I did! I ordered my supplies off Amazon, which is easier for me because I live on post and sometimes even the thought of leaving post to head to town is exhausting. I'm also a prime member so shipping is free for!
I ordered Speedball Simple Leaf, their adhesive and sealer. I had to leaf 8 drawer pulls and two door pulls and that took about 10-12 sheets. I put together a short video using my phone while I chilled out this afternoon. It IS my phone, so the quality isn't the greatest but I will definitely be using my nicer camera for future tutorials. I could not resist the suggested video project notification that my phone sent me after the widgets in my phone did their magic last night, so here you go! I hope this helps someone to get over the fear of unknown! If it does, stop by my Facebook page and share your before and after pics! Have fun and love to all, Claudia
To watch the video!