Fall Decorating and Halloween Crafts!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Hi, everyone! It seems that everywhere I look these past couple of weeks I have seen the beautiful signs of the changing seasons. My fabulous neighbors have really created some lovely areas out of their front porches and yards and with each passing day I was reminded that I needed to get on the ball already!

Sooo...I finally did! This last Saturday, my awesome neighbor, Rachael, from Sweet Tea N Sunshine (her facebook page and here is her Etsy page~if you want an AWESOME hand painted sign SEE HER!!!) told me about a really cool (and cheap!) local Amish Farmer's Market. We were intrigued...well, really it was me but the hubs is such a good sport he was down for whatever. Well, the very next day we headed on over...and found it closed. Womp-Womp!!! Duh, Claud! Why would an AMISH market be open on a SUNDAY?! So we headed home and dug out a couple of accessories and waited patiently for them to open up the next day...sooooo patiently.

Then came Monday! First thing out of my mouth this morning was "The market is open, LETS GO!". Two hours later, we were on our merry way. Yup, that's how we roll in this house. ;)

We came home later with some corn stalks, a few mums, a bale of hay and some crates. We took the Jeep for this trip...times like this and I miss my old beat up Dodge Ram...

Do you see my daughter's face? It looks like my cat's face when we won't put him down. Highly irritated...hmmm, I think it's similar to the expression on the hubs face...Nah, that's excitement. I know it is...!

Nevertheless, here is the "After"! Of course I forgot to take BEFORE pictures, folks...you've GOT to know me by now. The corn stalks are held in place with some white heavy duty string and I added some bouquets of "faux" flowers I bought at Hobby Lobby. "Faux" sounds so much classier than "fake" as flowers go, doesn't it? Or is that just me? I added some burlap and red ribbon for some extra flare and did the same to the potted mums that weren't covered by crates. Throw in my small army of scarecrow dolls and a whole slew of pumpkins and VOILA!

I heart my front yard! Totally worth the jeep jenga we had to make happen!

After all this hard outside work, we had to come on in and work on my daughters school project. She was tasked with turning a plain pumpkin into a Mrs Pumpkin Head of sorts. We went with the "Dia de los Muertos" look for her. Totally digging this, even after using it for last year's Halloween look.

All I did was paint it in a coat of white chalk paint and hand draw a quick and easy Day of the Dead design on Mrs Pumpkin Heads "face". Little Miss went ahead and painted her in and helped glue her "hair" on. Here is the end result:

Too cute, eh? Had fun letting some good creativity out of my system and spent some quality time with the munchkin. Not a soul can complain about a day like today as far as I'm concerned...unless you are a certain "hubs" with a very hay-ey jeep, that is! Love to all, Claudia <3